FiberFlo TF 1680 CrossFlow Filters

Hollow Fiber Crossflow Filtration
FiberFlo TF 1680 Cartridges are made using the unique polysulfone hollow fiber membranes available only from Mar Cor Purification. The TF Cartridge is available in a pore size of 0.1μm and 0.05μm, 0.2μm & 0.45μm pore sizes are available for pre-assessment.

Product Configuration
FiberFlo TF 1680 cartridges are available for use in pilot and small production scale environments; stainless steel housing required. The TF 1680 cartridges have much higher membrane surface area than small scale laboratory capsules, also available from Mar Cor Purification, making them ideal for scale up from laboratory batch volumes to pilot and small production batch volumes.

Typical Applications
The Microfiltration membranes are ideal for many applications in biotechnology that include:

  • Latex microparticle washing & coating
  • Cell concentration
  • Cell Debris removal
  • Cell harvest
  • Cell perfusion
  • Multi-particle washing