About Sankalp Enterprises

Making a better, safer and environment friendly systems !!

Sankalp Enterprises was established in Bangalore by a Techno Craft turned entrepreneurs B.S.Shankar as a trading organization dealing with water and waste water system , services ,Refurbishing and revamping of your existing systems for generation of requisite water quality, quantity and reducing operational cost.

Our Mission

To provide “integrated water solution” to our client with best quality of product & services at reasonable price.

Strength of SANKALP

  • Pioneering Latest Technology
  • Vide expertise in the field
  • Value for money & Time.
  • Responsive and Responsible service team.

We are a firm believer in providing innovative solutions that are custom designed as per the requirements of our valuable customers. We endeavor to always add value and hence offer / provide solutions that are innovative, cost effective and based on the most appropriate technologies .

Comprehensive Services:

Apart from providing unparalleled services for water and waste water systems we also provide a unique “Comprehensive Services” for O & M of any type of water and waste water systems.

Under comprehensive services , in addition to manpower & chemicals all rectifications / replacements required ( from the smallest item up to expensive items like RO membranes etc. ) during the contract period shall be in our scope.

Our Service team is trained to diligently operate the plants based on SOP’s , take care of any minor variations in inlet quality / quantity , take proper actions in case of any large variations at inlet , trouble shoot , carry out preventive maintenance at regular intervals and methodically record all observations at regular intervals in log sheets. Our site personnel are provided with all required safety gear ( safety shoes , uniforms, helmets , goggles , face masks etc ) and at all times the appropriate gear is used to avoid injury / health hazards. This results in zero defect, accident free working at sites.

We take care of start to end solutions of the client water and waste water systems which enables client to take care of their core business.